Author: Adam Divall

AWS re:Invent – Day 5

It’s been a few days since re:Invent finished in Las Vegas and am currently still on vacation with my wife. Yesterday evening we decided to go on the LINQ High Roller observation wheel to see the view of the Las Vegas strip. Whilst we were doing so I was looking back at the Venetian and the Sands Expo where so much of re:Invent was held and then noticed the huge structure of where the re:Play party was held. Although it was in the car park of the LINQ there were a significant amount of people working to try and dismantle the temporary structure under flood lights so that it could return to normal.

Whilst doing so I also realised that I hadn’t updated the blog regarding sitting the Solution Architect Professional Exam. As I had booked the exam for the last possible slot that I could, I decided to make sure I was well rested from the party the night before and have a good breakfast as I was sitting it just before lunchtime.

Post breakfast I headed back to my hotel room to do some last minute study. As part of this I reviewed a raft of my notes from my OneNote and reviewed the additional questions that we did on the bootcamp earlier in the week.

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AWS re:Invent – Day 4

The day started off by heading the MGM Grand Garden Arena where Werner Vogels was hosting his keynote.  As with anything at re:Invent there were significant queues to get in but after approximately a 45 minute wait the doors were opened and the attendees started to stream in.

Werner spoke of wanting to theme his keynote this year based on his first keynote at re:Invent back in 2012, so the theme was around 21st Century Architectures re:Imagined.  Since the launch of AWS he said there had been 3951 new features and services which have predominantly been driven by what the Customers have been asking for as well as some that were on the AWS Roadmap.

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AWS re:Invent – Day 3

Not wanting to miss the Keynote with Andy Jassy this morning I decided to skip breakfast and the shuttle bus and hop straight in a taxi down to the Venetian. Even being an hour and a half early there were still queues though.

Finally the doors were opened and the crowd flooded in to the auditorium with a DJ already on the case. I’ve managed to get a seat fairly central for the occasion and now sat here wondering what else is going to be announced. I’ve a strong feeling that the Machine Learning theme will continue and we will soon know over the next few hours.

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AWS re:Invent – Day 2

This post is a little later than I had planned as yesterday it was completely non stop from 6am. The day started with a quick breakfast at the MGM in a room that seemed to be the size of an aircraft hanger after which it was daily chore of queuing for the shuttle bus to the Venetian.

A quick walk over to the Mirage for a Solution Architect Professional Exam Readiness Bootcamp. It was attended by circa of 100 people with varying levels of experience of which only one was sitting the recertification. What surprised me was the number of people who hadn’t even sat the Associate which is a prerequisite for the exam. Continue reading “AWS re:Invent – Day 2”

AWS re:Invent – Day 1

I’ve arrived in Las Vegas in Friday and had a couple of days vacation prior to registering for the conference at the MGM Grand.

I don’t think I’d truly realised how big an event this year it was going to be as the MGM Conference Centre is huge but it’s dwarfed in size in comparison to The Sands Expo down at the Venetian (and that’s just two of the venues).

Today started with Breakfast over at the Mirage where all the training and certifications are being conducted. I spent breakfast chatting with a guy from Arizona State University who was sitting his SysOps exam later that morning and another guy who had only just flown in from Denmark who was feeling the effects of jet lag.

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