AWS re:Invent – Day 5

It’s been a few days since re:Invent finished in Las Vegas and am currently still on vacation with my wife. Yesterday evening we decided to go on the LINQ High Roller observation wheel to see the view of the Las Vegas strip. Whilst we were doing so I was looking back at the Venetian and the Sands Expo where so much of re:Invent was held and then noticed the huge structure of where the re:Play party was held. Although it was in the car park of the LINQ there were a significant amount of people working to try and dismantle the temporary structure under flood lights so that it could return to normal.

Whilst doing so I also realised that I hadn’t updated the blog regarding sitting the Solution Architect Professional Exam. As I had booked the exam for the last possible slot that I could, I decided to make sure I was well rested from the party the night before and have a good breakfast as I was sitting it just before lunchtime.

Post breakfast I headed back to my hotel room to do some last minute study. As part of this I reviewed a raft of my notes from my OneNote and reviewed the additional questions that we did on the bootcamp earlier in the week.

As it was about an hour before I was due to sit the exam, I grabbed a taxi and went to the Mirage and headed towards where I needed to check in. I was genuinely surprised how many people had made the same decision as there were approximately 50 people already in there waiting. The time came and we were allowed to check-in where I was then handed a seat number with the code in order to start the exam and was then made to put all my items into a bag that would need to be placed under my seat such as my mobile phone, watch and wallet.

Finally once everybody had gone through the same process we were escorted as a group into the exam room where there must have been 80 terminals for test takers. Having found my seat number and entered my code, I clicked begin. Throughout all of my preparation I thought that time was going to be the biggest constraint as there are 77 questions that need to be answered in 170 minutes. Having completed a number of practice exams as well as the questions on the bootcamp I knew the questions would be quite long winded and would take a bit of time to read, digest and then select the answer. On this occasion however though I may have been lucky as I didn’t have many of those sort of questions.

As I continued to work my way through the exam I began to get into a rhythm or ruling out the obvious wrong answers and looking for the key words in the question. Before I knew it I was at the last question and I clicked complete. Like with most tests you have to complete a short survey before it will actually show you the result. Once I submitted the survey the result appeared and I’d successfully passed which has certainly made the last 4 months of personal commitment worthwhile.

AWS Certs

I can honestly say that re:Invent has been an amazing experience and for anyone considering doing it next year – go for it!

3 thoughts on “AWS re:Invent – Day 5

  1. Congratulations on your certification. Will it be possible for you to share some tips and tricks (e.g., specific AWS services) for passing the exam? Mine is scheduled for 16th December.


    1. Certainly, From a study perspective I briefly went through the acloud guru course but I don’t think it’s anywhere sufficient for passing the exam. Go through the re:Invent videos on subjects that you’re not as comfortable on. In my case I went with my first decision as otherwise I start second guessing myself. A few tips that I was given on the bootcamp is when it comes to questions regarding ELB, think Classic since the exam hasn’t been updated for the ALB or NLB as of yet. In the case of SQS it’s not talking about FIFO yet either. When considering your answers the exam is usually talking about the amount of downtime that a Customer can tolerate.

      As I think I’ve mentioned on a lot of my posts you can usually rule a couple of answers and then make an educated decision as to why one is better than the other.

      Hope this helps


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