AWS re:Invent – Day 3

Not wanting to miss the Keynote with Andy Jassy this morning I decided to skip breakfast and the shuttle bus and hop straight in a taxi down to the Venetian. Even being an hour and a half early there were still queues though.

Finally the doors were opened and the crowd flooded in to the auditorium with a DJ already on the case. I’ve managed to get a seat fairly central for the occasion and now sat here wondering what else is going to be announced. I’ve a strong feeling that the Machine Learning theme will continue and we will soon know over the next few hours.

So as expected Andy Jassy didn’t disappoint with lots of new announcements. Andy utilised the house band during his keynote referring to the words in some specific songs and then used those lyrics to emphasise how ‘Builders’ need choices and flexibility. The songs throughout the Keynote were as follows:

  • Lauren Hill – Everything is Everything
  • George Michael – Freedom
  • Foo Fighters – Congregation
  • Eric Clapton – Let It Rain
  • Tom Petty – The Waiting

So the first announcement of the keynote was Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) which is for Managed Kubernetes on AWS.

Shortly after that announcement came AWS Fargate allowing clients to run containers without having to manage servers or Clusters.

The keynote then moved on to Databases where the announcement was made for Aurora Multi-Master allowing scale out not just for writers as well as reads. Today this will only be within an AWS Region but it will move to across Regions at some stage during 2018. Then came Aurora Serverless providing on-demand, auto-scaling Serverless Database.

Next up was DynamoDB Global Tables enabling a fully managed, multi-master, multi-region NoSQL Database. Then it was DynamoDB Backup and Restore providing the capability for on-demand and continuous backups.

To round off the Database section was another great addition with Amazon Neptune that now brings a fully managed graph Database to the Amazon capabilities.

Up next came the Data Analytics section with S3 Select that allows you to pull out only the object data you need using standard SQL expressions. Similarly came Glacier Select allowing you to run queries directly on Glacier.

Finally came the hotly anticipated Machine Learning section with lots of new announcements:

  • Amazon SageMaker – Easily build, train and Deploy Machine Learning Models.
  • AWS DeepLens – The worlds first wireless, deep learning enabled video camera for developers.
  • Amazon Rekognition for Video – Real time and batch video analytics.
  • Amazon Kinesis Video Streams – Securely ingest and store video, audio and other time encoded data.
  • Amazon Transcribe – Automatic speech recognition.
  • Amazon Translate – Automatically translates text between languages.
  • Amazon Comprehend – Fully managed natural language processing.

I’m currently queuing for MCL212 – DeepLens Workshop: Building Computer Vision Applications. So due to issues with the re:Invent MobileApp crashing every time anyone tried to register for MCL212, I’d taken the view of doing a walk up for it. Demand was so large that they had 20 repeat sessions for it over Wednesday and Thursday. Having queued since 10:15am and getting to the front of the queue at 14:30 due to safety concerns and the fact that fire marshals told AWS to get the hallways under control or be closed down, they then cancelled all walk ups for that particular session! The photo below shows how long the queue was around lunchtime but when the breakout got closer to starting you physically couldn’t move.

Despite our frustration and the inability to provide feedback (as you could only do that if you swiped into the breakout), I raised the issue with the re:Invent help desk since thousands of people had wasted a significant part of there day.

Therefore for the rest of the afternoon I spent my time viewing the expo before attending the Pub Crawl later in the evening at Bar 1842 in the MGM that was hosted by CenturyLink and met up with a few of my US Colleagues.

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