AWS re:Invent – Day 2

This post is a little later than I had planned as yesterday it was completely non stop from 6am. The day started with a quick breakfast at the MGM in a room that seemed to be the size of an aircraft hanger after which it was daily chore of queuing for the shuttle bus to the Venetian.

A quick walk over to the Mirage for a Solution Architect Professional Exam Readiness Bootcamp. It was attended by circa of 100 people with varying levels of experience of which only one was sitting the recertification. What surprised me was the number of people who hadn’t even sat the Associate which is a prerequisite for the exam.

The Structure of the session was good and there were separate sections covering all of the domains being tested within the exam with the whole day being facilitated by 5 AWS Solution Architects. Each section was carved up into working through the key things being tested via presentations as well as working through a significant amount of exam questions. I was genuinely surprised that maybe 20 people who were attending were going to sit the exam whilst at re:Invent.

By the time the trading had finished it was back over to the Venetian to go to the Expo where the Welcome Reception was being held so naturally I had to see where the CenturyLink Stand was given that’s where I work.

Yet again the size and scale of this was immense and there must have been over 1000 sponsor booths in there with them all trying to entice you with their SWAG. I thought I’d got a lot of SWAG on the first day but after yesterday I looked like the donkey in the game buckaroo.

After a beer or two or three it was time to go into the keynote theatre for Tuesday Night Live with Peter De Sanctis – VP of AWS Global Infrastructure. The theme of the session was focused on Machine Learning as well as some Deep Dives into actually how the AWS Regions and Availability Zones are actually built and connected together. In addition it then went into the constructs of EC2 and ELB. After talking through things such as Silicon and why AWS bought a company that developed its own ASICs the announcement was made regarding the introduction of Bare Metal Servers being introduced in Public preview.

The session was then handed over to Stephen Schmidt – AWS CISO and he then announced Amazon GuardRail which is the new Threat Intelligence Solution integrated with Machine Learning and it’s available today within the portal. Read more about it here.

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