AWS Exam Provider Changes

AWS Certification

Apologies for the delay since my last post as I’ve been working on the Design, Migration and Transformation on a large scale solution that is currently in the progress of moving to AWS from their existing on-premises Data Centers.

I received an e-mail tonight advising that my exam that I’ve booked for AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas was being provided by PSI, which was quite strange since I’d booked it via Web Assessor who I’ve sat all my previous AWS exam with.

Therefore I’ve logged into the AWS Certification Portal at and noticed the following message.

AWS Certification exams are now delivered through a new testing partner, PSI.

Administration for all AWS exams began at PSI on September 7, 2017.

Now that in itself isn’t an issue for me, however the one thing I’ve noticed and certainly for where I’m located in the UK is that there is hardly any test centers.  The usual test centers don’t provide the PSI exams (such as Global Knowledge, QA etc..).

Hopefully more test centers will become available soon otherwise I’m going to find myself potentially travelling further in order to sit future exams.

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