AWS re:Invent 2017


Amazon have now opened up the Session Catalog for this year’s re:Invent and as this is going to be my first, I was amazed to see how many sessions are available.  Whilst the full schedule is still not due to be published until October I’ve started to shortlist the sessions that I’m interested to attend.  I know full well that I won’t be able to attend all of these due to either timings, proximity or the fact that I’ve got training as well as exams booked whilst I’m out in Las Vegas, but I’ll whittle these down nearer to the time.


  • ARC301 – Fitch Ratings: Migrating to the Cloud to Transform Business Services Delivery
  • ARC303 – Running Lean Architectures: How to Optimize for Cost Efficiency
  • ARC304 – From One to Many: Evolving VPC Design
  • ARC305 – How Toyota Racing Development Uses Amazon CloudFront, AWS CloudFormation, and Amazon ECS in Motorsports
  • ARC306 – High Resiliency & Availability of PlayStation Communities Using Multiple AWS Regions
  • ARC308 – Leveraging a Cloud Policy Framework – From Zero to Well Governed
  • ARC401 – Serverless Architectural Patterns and Best Practices


  • CMP201 – Auto Scaling: The Fleet Management Solution for Planet Earth
  • CMP202 – Getting the most Bang for your buck with #EC2 #WinningGetting the Most Bang for Your Buck with #EC2 #Winning
  • CMP203 – Amazon EC2 Foundations
  • CMP211 – Getting Started with Serverless Architectures
  • CMP301 – Deep Dive on Amazon EC2 Instances, Featuring Performance Optimization Best Practices
  • CMP319 – Building Distributed Applications with AWS Step Functions

Content Delivery

  • CTD201 – Introduction to Amazon CloudFront
  • CTD301 – Amazon CloudFront Flash Talks: Best Practices on Configuring, Securing, and Monitoring Your Distribution
  • CTD401 – Taking DevOps to the AWS Edge


  • DAT201 – AWS Database Services State of the Union – 2017
  • DAT202 – Getting Started with Amazon Aurora
  • DAT301 – Deep Dive on Amazon Aurora
  • DAT302 – Deep Dive on Amazon RDS
  • DAT303 – Amazon Aurora Best Practices
  • DAT304 – Deep Dive on Amazon DynamoDB
  • DAT305 – ElastiCache Deep Dive: Best Practices and Usage Patterns


  • NET201 – Creating Your Virtual Data Center: VPC Fundamentals and Connectivity Options
  • NET202 – IPv6 in the Cloud: Protocol and AWS Service Overview
  • NET301 – Extending Data Centers to the Cloud: Connectivity Options and Considerations for Hybrid Environments
  • NET302 – DNS Demystified: Global Traffic Management with Amazon Route 53
  • NET401 – Network Performance: Making Every Packet Count
  • NET402 – Elastic Load Balancing Deep Dive and Best Practices
  • NET403 – Deep Dive: AWS Direct Connect and VPNs

Security, Compliance and Identity

  • SID201 – IAM for Enterprises: Striking the Balance Between Agility, Governance, and Security in Your IAM Design
  • SID203 – IAM Policy Ninja
  • SID204 – Soup to Nuts: Identity Federation for AWS
  • SID205 – Building the Largest Repo for Serverless Compliance-as-Code
  • SID206 – Best Practices for Managing Security Operation on AWS
  • SID207 – Feedback Security in the Cloud
  • SID208 – Less (Privilege) Is More: Getting Least-Privilege Right in AWS
  • SID209 – Designing and Deploying an AWS Account Factory
  • SID210 – A CISO’s Journey at Vonage: Achieving Unified Security at Scale
  • SID303 – Deep Dive on AWS Identity Services
  • SID304 – SecOps 2021 Today: Using AWS Services to Deliver SecOps
  • SID305 – Ancestry’s Security Sprint to the Cloud
  • SID306 – How Chick-fil-A Embraces DevSecOps on AWS
  • SID307 – Serverless for Security Officers: Paradigm Walkthrough and Comprehensive Security Best Practices
  • SID308 – Multi-Account Strategies
  • SID309 – Credentials, Credentials, Credentials, Oh My!
  • SID310 – Moving from the Shadows to the Throne
  • SID311 – Designing Security and Governance Across AWS Multiple Accounts
  • SID312 – DevSecOps Capture the Flag
  • SID313 – Continuous Compliance on AWS at Scale
  • SID401 – Let’s Dive Deep Together: Advancing Web Application Security
  • SID402 – Implementing Security Controls in the World of Internet, Big Data, IoT, E-Commerce, and Open Communications Platforms


  • STG201 – Storage State of the Union
  • STG301 – Deep Dive on Amazon S3 & Glacier Infrastructure
  • STG302 – Best Practices for Amazon S3
  • STG303 – Deep Dive on Amazon Glacier
  • STG304 – Deep Dive on Data Archiving in Amazon S3 & Glacier
  • STG305 – Deep Dive on Backup TO the Cloud
  • STG306 – Deep Dive on Amazon Elastic Block Store
  • STG307 – Deep Dive on Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)


  • ENT203 – Building a Solid Business Case for Cloud Migration
  • ENT204 – Supercharge Your Cloud Migration Business Case Using Innovation and Cloud-Native Architecture as Guiding Principles
  • ENT302 – Driving Cost Optimization as You Scale on AWS
  • ENT315 – How Can I Build a Landing Zone & Extend Operations into AWS to Support My Migration?


  • DEV302 – Automating Security and Compliance Testing of Infrastructure-as-Code for DevSecOps
  • DEV311 – Managing Data Classfication and Control Using AWS CloudTrail

Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

  • RET301 – Understanding Your Retail Customer: Build a Single Customer View Across Multiple Retail Channels Using AWS S3 Data Lakes
  • RET302 – Delighting Your Retail Customer: Provide a New and Interactive Customer Service Experience Using ChatBot Powered by Amazon AI

Media and Entertainment

  • MAE401 – Designing for Studio-Grade Security

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