Solution Architect – Professional Exam

AWS Certification

Well I’ve only gone and done it and have finally booked the date to sit the AWS Solution Architect Professional exam.  The date is set for the 1st December 2017 which is the last day of AWS re:Invent and I thought I’d mark my first re:Invent by trying to gain a new certification there.  Secondly I also thought that given I’m also attending the Solution Architect Professional exam readiness bootcamp whilst in Las Vegas at the conference.

I’ve already tried testing my knowledge by sitting the official practice exam as a starter for ten and I wasn’t too disappointed with my score given I’ve not really tried covering much of the material so far.

I’m using the training as the starting point for my own personal revision as well as the AWS documentation, whitepapers and watching the re:Invent videos from 2016.  In addition I’m also deep diving into individual aspects within the varying sections such as CloudFormation, whilst paying special focus to the areas where I don’t feel as strong in having reviewed my practice exam score report.

One thing that I have noticed with the practice exam is that the questions are all down to interpretation and although the question may ask for one correct answer, that more than one would achieve the desired outcome.  So it then comes down to re-reading the question and finding the key words.  Time is also going to be a huge factor in the exam given that the questions are quite wordy and so are some of the answers.

The pressure is now on and over the next few months I plan on posting my progress on the studying along with questions I’ve seen and how I’ve come about getting to the answers that I did.

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